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Shai Oren

DigiPen Institute of Technology, Redmond, Washington
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation, 2008

Technical Experience:
• Computer Languages: C/C++ (5 years), C# (1.5 years), HTML (2 years), Objective-C (<1 year), Python (1.5 years), JavaScript (<1 year), Java (<1 year), ActionScript 3 (<1 year)
• Operating Systems: Windows XP (5 years), Windows Vista (<1 year), Windows 7 (2 years), Linux (<1 year), iOS (<1 year)
• Miscellaneous: Microsoft Visual Studio, Eclipse, Xcode, Unity

Programming Skills:
• Graphics (2 years), Networking (1 year), User Interface (1 year), Artificial Intelligence (1 year)

Professional Experience:
Game Developer for Nickelodeon Games (formerly MTV Networks) (2/2011 – Present)
• Worked on Capital City, a city building Flash-based social game with a crime twist on Facebook.
• Wrote client prediction to speed up game flow from a user perspective.
• Implemented many features on both client and server including action queues, bonus bar, inventory, staffing buildings with friends, and first time user experience.
• Worked on a mobile game utilizing Unity. Implemented many systems including quests, dialogs, and client-server communication. Also worked on specific gameplay features. (Canceled)

Digital Software Engineering Trainee for Microvision, Inc. (6/2006 – 1/2011)
• Wrote firmware update software for Flic, a laser bar code scanner, and RōV, the MEMS-based successor to Flic.
• Tested functionality and performance of RōV.
• Wrote many Windows software tools to facilitate testing of Flic and RōV.
• Spearheaded game development utilizing OpenGL ES for the PicoP, a projector developed by Microvision.
• Wrote iPhone accessory authentication routines for the PicoP.
• Wrote application level and low level PicoP SDK for the iPhone platform.
• Wrote firmware upgrade routines for PicoP Display Engine.

Product Manager / Programmer for Merchant (9/2003 – 4/2004)
Merchant is a medieval economic simulation.
• Created the graphical user interface and associated widgets.
• Worked on AI path finding in the marketplace.
• Created the multiplayer lobby functionality based off of Warcraft 3’s lobby appearance.
• Created the marketplace map.
Skills required: Graphics programming (GUI), A* path-finding (AI), Network programming (GUI, multiplayer lobby), UI programming (GUI)

Product Manager / Programmer for Orbis (9/2002 – 4/2003)
Orbis is a Marble Madness clone for Windows.
• Worked on parallax background scrolling.
• Worked on AI enemies (cut.)
• Worked on the finite state machine and trigger systems.
Skills required: Graphics Programming (scrolling), Finite State Machines (AI, state machine)

Producer / Programmer for Zill (1/2002 – 4/2002)
Zill is a top-down turn-based RPG utilizing ASCII graphics.
• Led the team, making sure everybody did the work requested of them on time.
• Created the turn based combat system.
• Created an item database editor for easy content generation.
• Helped in technical leadership throughout the length of the project.
Skills required: Finite State Machines (combat system), General Win32 programming (item database editor)