Past Projects

In order from latest to earliest:


MAIP, the Musical Artificial Intelligence Project, is in it’s most basic form, a music visualizer. The program allows you to load any directory of music that you wish, and then play the loaded music. It uses FMOD to accomplish the sound portion. The second portion, which is the visualization unit, is based off of a bunch of objects that all have behaviors attached to them. In this case flocking behavior. I may add more behaviors in the future, but this one is still interesting for me to toy around with.

The objects react to the volume level of the music, so the quieter the music is, the slower the objects move and the smaller they will become. When the music gets louder, the objects move accordingly, becoming more chaotic, faster, and larger. Obviously this won’t work as well for certain types of music, and sometimes it’ll just look plain boring for say… classical music. However, try it out with some techno, or metal, or anything upbeat that has a lot of volume changes, and it starts to look pretty good. Personally techno is my favorite example to use with MAIP.

You may download MAIP right here. I can’t guarantee it will work on your computer. If it fails to load please send me an email found on the About Me page.


Merchant is a market simulation game mixed with a bit of a scavenger hunt. Players takes control of a medieval merchant and set up a stand at market. Each player is assigned a list of items to acquire. They then barter with other players and NPCs to get the items they need to win.

lobby.png trading.png stand-management.png stand-display.png builder.png


Orbis is a game based off of Marble Madness. The player is a ball and navigates their way through each course to reach the end. You can download this game from here.


Zill is an ASCII based Role Playing Game. You are a person that has lost their memory and must venture throughout the world to regain it. This game has the style of Final Fantasy with amazing ASCII graphics! Download the much anticipated truly final version of Zill right here!

Note: Playing as a paladin is highly suggested for your first time through. The other classes are much harder.

Zill1.gif Zill2.gif Zill3.gif


Navigatrix is a digital version of the popular children’s game Labyrinth. This was my very first game, made back in my senior year of highschool. It is 2D, so instead of controlling the tilt of the board, the player just controls the ball directly. To make it somewhat unique, you have lives, and falling into holes doesn’t hurt you but puts you on a different level of the board. There are monsters lurking down below that make getting back up a bit of a challenge.

navtitle.jpg nav1.jpg nav2.jpg