The semester is officially done

After taking the final for my single Physics class (Sound and Wave motion) at BCC yesterday I was extremely happy, feeling that I had done very well. Well, as they say, hard work pays off. Or something like that. I ended up with an A- on the final and a B+ in the class. I am now officially finished with BCC, and can relax for a few weeks.

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The end cometh

Only 3 class days to go until the end of the quarter, woohoo! The bad part of those 3 days? They are all exam days. Tomorrow is the last quiz and review, then next week is finals week, lab exam on Monday and conceptual exam on Wednesday. I think it’ll go well though judging from past scores.

On a side note, I read a great book last night entitled Who Moved My Cheese? It’s a book on dealing with change and life’s simple truths. A quick read at about 45 minutes, and quite deep. I highly recommend it to everybody.


Site style done

I just finished fixing every little glitch and thing I didn’t like with the theme of the site. I think it looks good now. :-)

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Back to school

I reapplied to DigiPen a few weeks back and a few days ago I was supposed to get this:

“Dear Shai Oren,

Thank you for your readmission application to our school. Based on a review of your current application material and previous coursework and academic progress, we are pleased to inform you that you have been approved to continue the Bachelor of Science in Real Time Interactive Simulation degree program.”

What with the holidays coming up the mail seems to be really slow, so instead, I got handed it in person today when I paid a visit to DigiPen. I then agreed to enrollment by signing many pages of legalese, talked to my adviser (who came up with the exact same schedule as I did approximately 1 year ago), and registered for next semester.

My graduation plan is posted on a page of its own for easy reference.

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