Current Projects

These are the projects I am actively working on at the moment:


Concurr is a web-based space strategy game inspired by the KDE/Linux game Konquest. Central to Concurr’s gameplay is the concept of the hidden fleet. Your opponents can send a fleet of ships from any planet where they have ships to any other planet in the game — and you don’t know where they are going until they arrive. This means that no planet is safe at any point in the game. This leads to richly strategic gameplay despite the simple game rules.

The turn-based nature of the game also gives players the time to engage in diplomacy with other players. Alliances can be incredibly powerful, but they also open you up to unexpected attack if your ally ends up being less than totally trustworthy. Again, the strategic diplomatic deal making is a key part of the game that helps turn a simple game on the surface into a complex and engaging experience.